Morphing Terrarium (1)

I admit it: waveteable synthesis was never anything i particularly cared about. I seldom used the wavetable OSCs in my Evolver, let alone was i ever interested in dedicated wavetable synths. Until yesterday, when i received the SynthTech E350 module in euro format. It was the morphing feature and the LFO-capabilities that sold me to it. This thing sounds and looks incredible, and build quality is extraordinary. I had been curious all the time what the waves would look like on the scope when morphed... so naturally that was the first thing to do: hook it up to the MFB VD-01 and TFT display.
Here's the first demo of the Synthesis Technology E350 ("Morphing Terrarium") eurorack module and its waveforms. Two Doepfer A-179s (Light-to-CV) were used as controller modules. Left hand controlled Borg filter cutoff, right hand speed of the LFO driving the sequence. This first video shows the xy- and z-outputs in normal mode. Part 2 will focus on the 'hidden' variable-phase-shift mode.

Morphing Terrarium (pt. 1) from katavist on Vimeo.

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