eowave position sensors in a modular context

eowave make a lot of different sensors and they're all supposed to be used with their eobody (USB/MIDI-Converter) or their newer sensorbox.

I found out that the position sensors work fine for voltage control without extra modification by plugging them straight into the A-177-1, thus avoiding MIDI and all that.

Here are two videos, the newer one first: 

this time the top sensor controlled TipTop Z5000's Hall Reverb C, with the other three ribbons routed to the E350 through LPG again.

ribbons -> 2 x Doepfer A-177 Foot Controller

-> PlanB Elf LFO pitch (-> A-124 Wasp Filter + f(h) SoS)
-> A-124 cutoff
-> SoS rate
-> Maths both control -> ASol CVT -> A-186-1 Gate/Trigger Combiner -> A-143-2 -> PLanB M13 (fed by E350 Morphing Terrarium)
-> E350 Morph Z

the A-177-1 has one multed output, so i controlled two destinations with one ribbon simultaneously: first SoS rate (inverted) and Maths both control, later A-124 cutoff and Maths both control.
one-handed is more difficult...
recorded straight to HD, without effects or editing.